"Change your purchase, Change their future"


"Change your purchase, change their future"

- Spectrum Designs 


When I first decided to branch into selling shirts to raise awareness, it was important for me to source a printing company who's mission aligned with One Special Night. A mission of inclusion, equal opportunities and the like. 

Spectrum Designs is a social enterprise with a mission to: "help individuals with Autism lead full and productive lives through the world of work."  

As a learning support teacher, I believe that everyone should have access to be productive members of society, especially through employment opportunities and Spectrum Design does just that.  

As such, all of One Special Night's merchandise is sourced through Spectrum Designs as I believe in equal opportunities and an inclusive world of work. 

I choose to support an inclusive world of work by printing shirts with Spectrum Designs and I encourage you to support an inclusive workplace. 

 Check out Spectrum Designs website below to find out how you can support equal opportunities in the world of work.  If you would like to place an order with Spectrum, mention code: TK005. We are PROUD ambassadors!